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All Items Free shipping from EU Warehouse!---Code:€20offcode
All Items Free shipping from EU Warehouse!---Code:€20offcode

VIOMI S9 Vacuum Cleaner Robot Vacuum Sweeper Auto Mopping Function Vacuum Robot APP

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> VIOMI S9 Main Features:

Smart dust collector:

* 2.0 for: the shortest led on the market.

* 3L bag capacity (up to 1 month of autonomy).

* Fully sealed dust bag to prevent allergies.

* The automatic dust collection function can automatically empty the dirt after cleaning.

* LED display and app to remind you of replacement.

* LED display and app for collector status.

* LED display and app for battery status.

* 950W high power dust collection.


* 950W high power provides 2700pa strong suction, built-in sweeping and scrubbing, easy to collect small dust.

* 5200mAh battery capacity, 250ml large water tank (up to 220 minutes on a single charge and can clean up to 320 square meters at a time).

* The power-operated miniature pressure tank can precisely control the sprayer and flow to prevent leakage and damage to the ground.

* My home / Xiaomi home app!

* LDS 2.0: maximum precision in obstacle measurement.

* Laser turret with multidirectional bumper sensor.

* Two side sensors and 4 cliff sensors.

* Automatic pressurization in carpets / blankets.

* 3-layer Hepa filter (long life and high efficiency).

* Constant mop pressure.

* Micro motorized electronic pump.

* Mop washable!

* Disposable mop with ultrafine fiber.

* 3 cleaning modes (Tile Floor, Blanket / Carpet, Solid Floor).

* S and Y scrub mode.

* Map management 3.0.

* Multi-story map (1-5)

* Editing of maps, forbidden area and virtual wall.

* Complete daily and weekly programming, choice of suction power and amount of water for each environment.

> VIOMI S9 Description:

VIOMI S9 Robot Vacuum Cleaner

A cleaning robot that helps you pick up trash, frees your hands and enjoys every clean day.

Dumping: Monthly Elimination, Complete Bag Information

Smart Map: Custom Cleaning, Multi- Map Memory

Upgraded function: Single use mop with 2700pa high suction capacity


Fully improved dumping system2.0


Automatic dust collection, nothing to worry about after cleaning

Automatic discharge 2. 0 to empty dirt removal automatically after cleaning

381mm short air duct. Fast dust collection without blocking


Bag reminder

LED display app to remind bag replacement


Strong dust collecting capacity

950W high power, easy to collect tiny dust.

Use and dispose

Disposable dust bag, talent for laze.



Faster automatic garbage collection, optimized and stronger routing for quick cleaning
Easy to use

The dirt removal port couples seamlessly with the discharge seat, relying on the short air duct and high-power blower to suck the dirt into the disposable bag.


Complete bag protector information for mysophobia

Dump seat with LED display to remind the whole bag and replacement on the screen.


Dust collection when recharging

Deep cleaning

950W high power dust collection and complete pouring without losing even small hair and dust.


Easy to dispose of dust bag to release floating dust

Cleaning for a month without worries

Fully sealed dust bag from l to protect people with sensitive respiratory tract.

Disposable dust bag: use and disposal, without contact with small dust and contaminants.


Fully improved cleaning system

Suction capacity increased by 30%, 2700 Pa high power to remove any small dust.

Nidec brushless silent motor from Japan, a new air dust design to remove small dust and large grain steel ball easily.


Floating main brush, which travels close to the ground surface, removes dust in the gaps.


On the blanket that automatically pressurizes to eliminate invisible dust.


HAPE filter screen for high efficiency air dust separation.


5200 mAh large capacity, 3.6 hours long service life, single cleaning up to 320 m².


New pressure-constant power tank, precise spray control for wet mopping without leaks.

Power-driven micro-pump to precisely control sprayer and flow, prevent leakage and damage to the floor.


Dedicated disposable mop, comprehensive cleaning to free your hands

Disposable mop without washing to avoid contact and protect your health.


Three cleaning modes

Meets different cleaning requirements: vacuum cleaner, vacuum mop, mop.



Scrubbing algorithm with S / Y access modes.


Three-level flow adjustment

Daily cleaning and full wet mop, perfect fit.


250ml big tank

Unique cleaning of up to 2 5 0 m 2 floors.


3.0 fully improved map management

Know what you need, customize your cleaning plan.
Room area / suction / flow / time customized for your cleaning task as you need.


Multi-floor map storage memory of each floor in villa

Save, change and load any map to clean.


Automatic room recognition, self-sufficient zoning by room.


Specific area cleaning, key area repeated cleaning.


Cleaning of selected area, clean rooms as you select.


Set the forbidden area / virtual wall, avoid the area that I don't ' want to clean.


Fully improved robot cleaner

3 6 0 laser mapping high efficiency fine scrubbing and sweeping

LDS 2.0 laser scanning and mapping, high intelligence full coverage and rapid room pattern restoration for planned cleaning.


Intelligent AI routing algorithm based on proximity principle to minimize bypass.


Remembering Cleaning Area 8 of 0% the battery level?


Laser head pressure sensor, no trapping under the bottom of the cabinet or desk.


Connection to the speaker smart connection for voice control.


2cm obstacle climbing easy climbing above threshold, skid guide or underpass.