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All Items Free shipping from EU Warehouse!---Code:€20offcode
All Items Free shipping from EU Warehouse!---Code:€20offcode

Dreame Trouver Finder-Robot Vacuum Cleaner for Sweeping, Scrubbing, Disinfecting

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Main features

* Continuous dynamic mapping LDS laser radar navigation

* efficient route planning intelligent SLAM algorithm

* 2,000 Pa strong suction power excellent vacuum for deep cleaning

* Multiple advanced mapping functions meeting different cleaning needs

* 4 sweeping cleaning modes O Sweep-scrub

* cross obstacles handle height barriers up to 20mm

* 90min long run time

* clean up to 150m2 at a time

* 270ml smart water tank wet mop for deep cleaning

* noise reduction designs reduce the operating noise at 65dB

Trover robot vacuum cleaner mop finder

Laser Distance Scan Navigation | 1 Step Vacuum and Mop | 2000Pa suction | intelligent control of the Mihome app

360 ° sensing and mapping LDS laser navigation technology

Powered by the improved SLAM smart algorithm, the LDS in Finder performs more precise navigation, faster mapping, and more efficient route planning. Full Angle Scan Sensitivity at 2080 turns per second * Accuracy Error Distance ≤ 10mm *

Route planning and new SLAM algorithm

The strong computing power of the new SLAM algorithm acupuncture locates the robot, maps and cleans the room efficiently, without repeated and forgotten cleaning.

Dual CPU stronger calculation to improve cleaning efficiency

Powerful dual-core processor, stronger computing power, with self-developed SLAM algorithm, Finder robot adjusts planning strategy in real time, improves cleaning efficiency.

Multiple cleaning solutions provided to users

Under the help of advanced mapping function system, in addition to the area division, in the application map shows the cleaning route plan in real time, clean the area divided one by one, manual editing allows more precision in partition, users can name the rooms, set the forbidden area, and send the robot to a designated area very conveniently.

Sweep and scrub at the same time

The Finder robot cleans the house by sweeping and mopping in 1 step, so you can save more time to improve your skills or enjoy some moments with your loved ones.

2000PA suction power cleans all dirt

2000Pa strong suction power, with a high-speed roller brush, using a unique and efficient sealing air duct, easily suck up soil dust, hair, debris, etc. without residues.

Floating water tank design allows for better mopping on the floor

Mihome App Control Smart

Scheduled cleaning through the Mihome app

Supports scheduled and scheduled cleaning via mihome app when you are not at home.

Get more details.

1. Continue intelligently the previous work the Robot remembers where it was cleaned previously and begins to clean the final area after loading. This leaves you free even if you are not at home.

2. Quiet cleaning with noise less than 65dB To reduce noise and give you a quieter cleaning experience, our engineers have optimized the motor, wind tunnel, designs and materials.

3. Forts and detection of crossed obstacles up to 20mm, doors, rails, carpets with ease ...

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